Friday, August 20, 2010

Takeover Elite 4th Grade All-Stars Announced

Atiba Taylor Riverside

Zegary Scott, the Director of Takeover Elite in Jersey City might run the most organized 10 and under tournament in the country. The All-Star game is scheduled for August 28, 2010 at 6pm in Jersey City.

All participating players will receive award medals. The All-Star players were selected from the following top teams: Gauchos, Riverside, Milbank, Natural Ballers, PWC, Playtime, LI Lighting and Fastbreak.

West All-Stars - White Uniforms
Jahbril Noel
Camren Wynter 
Atiba Taylor
Lucus Wahafia
Tawan Gruir
Jayson Robinson
Zachary Legreay
Marcus Hammond
Jade Tse
Rajah Camren
Marguis Jimenez
Keven Greene

West All-Star Reserves
Cameron Otiti
Zedrek Farrell

East All-Star - Dark Uniforms
Markquis Nowell
Jalen Lacque
Tyresse Witaker
Jules Smith
Zegary Scott
Justin Kea
Jailen Jamison
Alanzo Frink
Key Mamahon
Jalen Brooks
Jaheim Tanksley
Leron Smith

East All-Star Reserves 
Khalid Moore
David Cat Jr.

Congratulation to the entire Takeover Elite All-Stars. Stay tuned, as we bring you full exclusive coverage of the Takeover Elite All-Star Game in Jersey City.