Thursday, September 2, 2010

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New York City Invitational Tournament

Don't forget the NIT is President Day Weekend Feb.18th-20th. Coach Harge of the D1 All-Stars from California says, " I'm bringing my 6th & 7th grade team to the NIT." Coach Harge's son Damon Harge is considered the top player in the nation for the class of 2017. 

The Div 1 All-Stars took the Nike Tournament in Portland last Presidents day, but this coming holiday they plan to take the NIT 2011.The competing teams should make it further at AAU Nationals. Stay tuned for the confirmed list of 64 top teams from across the country that will "Battle In The City". 

The Site Will Officially Launch Next Week, it's under construction! Thanks for bearing with us.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mei Lyn Baustista NYC Phenom!

Mei Lyn Baustista

How are you, big fan of the site, good look for the kids. 

I haven't seen any girls on the site and I think you should do a piece on mei lyn baustista, you can google her name and her video's will pop up. I don't know her personally, only coached against her, She is a rising 8th grader from queens who got skills and knowledge of the game beyond her years for boys and girls. She is also a great student I hear and just handles herself like a senior in high school. Give her some love, she deserves it, very hard worker.

Ronnelle Arciaga Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp 2010

Ronnelle Arciaga California

Dear Middle School Elite,

This is RONNELLE “RJ” ARCIAGA I was at the PHENOM CAMP and I would like to let you know that I got ranked # 18 overall in the 7th grade division and # 3 as top point guards in the camp. I made the ALL-STAR TEAM as well. You probably didn’t hear about me that much at the camp and that’s the reason why people call me “THE QUIET STORM” because that’s how I am on the court. I just play the game! I am training really hard at this time to get ready to show my talent everywhere! It would be an honor to make it on middle school elite write ups!
Thank you for your time and I will see you soon!

Jervae Robinson Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp 2010

Jervae Robinson Denver

Jervae Robinson, from Denver Colorado is a rising 7th grader ranked #23 overall and  #7, as WF at the Adidas Jr.Phenom Camp in California 2010. He's the #1 point guard and #3 overall player in the State of Colorado according to BAC Sports Magazine.

Robinson avoided turnovers and protected the rock. He plays good half-court offense and he's a play maker. He has nice form and arch on his jump shot.

Robinson drained two consecutive 3's from the top of the key. He gave his team a 1 point lead going into the final quarter. He's a floor general.

Stay tuned as we bring you more of Jervae Robinson and other top players at the Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp 2010.

Isaiah White Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp 2010

 Isaiah White New Jersey

Good Morning,

Trying to see how do you go about doing write-ups on Middle School Ballers and what exposure events do you recommend. My son is Isaiah White, he is in the class of 2017, from Marlton, NJ, attended the Adidas Jr. phenom camp and finished ranked 16th at the 2-guard position, even though he played out of position the entire camp (played forward) led his team in rebounding.  He is a rising 6th grader and is one of the top rising 6th grade 2-guards (my opinion) in the south jersey area.


Mark A. White

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Isaiah White and other top players at the Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp in California 2010.

John Lucas Midwest Invitational Camp Louisville Kentucky 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, The John Lucas Midwest Invitational Camp in Louisville, KY " has a chance to be one of the premier events of the entire year," wrote Clark Francis  on last week. Especially with John Lucas and Brian Merritt teaming up to give top athletes D1 high school and college exposure.

The top 8th,9th,10th & 11th grade players in the country will compete at the 'Hoops' gym in Kentucky. Scouting services: ESPNU and Hoop Scoop. 30 of the top players from across the country were selected from each class. 

"And who better to help Lucas run these events than Brian Merritt, whose resume includes working as the Director of Basketball Operations at the University of Louisville for three years under the tutorage of Rick Pitino, an assistant coach for a year at Hampton University, and an assistant coach at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi for the last three years? "- Clark Francis (Click here to read full article in the Members section.) 

Coaches can nominate a player by contacting Brian Merritt at 361-793-4482. Leave a message. Stay tuned as we bring you more of Clark Francis and his recap of the Great John Lucas Midwest Invitational 2010.

Malik Ellison KO Elite Camp Philly 2010

Malik Ellison Rising 8th

Malik Ellison from New Jersey put in work at the KO Elite Camp. His dad, Mr. Pervis coaches Team Final 13U and he's also a former NBA player. 

Malik Ellison has a high basketball IQ and good athleticism. Coach Pervis is 7ft , so expect his boy to shoot up out the roof. 

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Malik Ellison and other top players at the KO Elite Camp 2010.

Monday, August 30, 2010

MVP Tony Toplyn, Tim Delaney & Horace Spencer KO Elite Camp Rising 8th & 9th graders 2010

MVP Tony Toplyn Philly Rising 9th

During the All-Star game, AL Rubin from Hoop Scoop sat court side with us at the media table; he saw Tony Toplyn coming from a mile away. Mr. Rubin said, "This kid can go!" At first we thought, maybe, Rubin's jumping the gun. 

But, all of a sudden Tony Toplyn went on a spurt with put-backs and rebounds. As Mr. Rubin began to keep mental stats on Toplyn, his domination became apparent. His exhibition earned him MVP honors and top player in the 2014/2015 division.

Tim Delaney Philly Rising 8th

Tim Delaney is a tough player with nice height and size. He uses a drop step in the paint for a post move. He also has a good mid-range jumper. Tim Delaney did his thing at the KO Elite Camp setting in Philly. Now, Delaney shifts focus to his AAU squad, Team Final as they attempt to take the NIT 2011.

Horace Spencer Philly Rising 8th

Horace Spencer, 6'8 rocks with 13U Philly Aztecs, they finished #4 at the D1 AAU nationals in Memphis, TN. He's very athletic, but must get more aggressive. Once Horace bball skills catch up to his height, he'll be an all around player. 

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of MVP Tony Toplyn, Tim Delaney, Horace Spencer and other top players at the KO Elite Camp 2010.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

MVP Atiba Taylor 10U Takeover Elite All-Star Game!

  Atiba Taylor

Atiba Taylor, AAU team Riverside Hawks defeated Gauchos for the championship title at the Takeover Elite tournament in Jersey City. 

Taylor, also won MVP of the Takover Elite All-Star game. Players were selected from some of the leagues participating teams.

Stay Tuned...

Raheim Burnett, RJ Cole & Brandon Anderson Class of 2016: KO Elite Camp Philly 2010

Raheim Burnett

Raheim Burnett did his thing in the All-Star game. He might've been the best defender in his division at camp. Though, Burnett was able to take Adam Perry out a scoring zone, he should of later pressed Joshua Sharkey, who stole the show and won MVP. Burnett is a multidimensional player with good upside.
Robert 'RJ' Cole

Robert RJ Cole plays on the FACES AAU team, and he knows basketball like the back of his hand. He's a smooth point guard with a fundamental game. He passes the rock to hot shooters and handles the pill to take defensive pressure off teammates. Cole plays calm under pressure and still shows good instincts.     
Brandon Anderson

Brandon Anderson played his role as a top team player. He kept his head up on fast breaks, looking for teammates to fill the lanes. If Anderson saw a defender loafing, he'd pass the ball quickly up court for easy buckets. We look forward to watching Anderson in more detail at the next KO Elite camp 2011. 

Wayne White and Family @ Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp 2010

Wayne White Class 2016

Dear Middle School Elite,

Your website is a huge asset to young athletes. We like that your site highlights the athlete's interests on and off the court, which gives a well rounded picture of them.

It's a great thing you are doing for the future of these young men. By exposing the young athlete, this encourages them to continue to work hard.  

Keep up the positive work and keep bringing us more young stars!!

The White Family  

David Vasquez Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp 2010

David Vasquez Oregon

David Vasquez was ranked #15 as a Wing Forward for the class of 2017 at the 2010 ADIDAS Jr. Phenom Camp in San Diego, California.

Vasquez thought he'd have had a better ranking as a point guard, his true position; he can't wait until next years camp to show he's a floor general.

He was featured on FOX 12 Oregon Sports Show
and is well known in the Northwest for his high basketball IQ & handles.

Vasquez works vary hard in school & on the court. He's on top of his game. Check out the You-Tube video of him Playing PG last spring for FAST 5th & RUN IT BACK SPORTS 8th Grade Team.

Keep a look out for David Vasquez, a true baller with D-1 ambitions!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Jerron Love Rank #1 7th Grade Player and Point Guard at KO Elite Camp Philly 2010

Chris McNeal Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp 2010

 Chris McNeal Tennessee

Chris McNeal, 5'7", a rising 8th grader was ranked #10 overall and #2 in the 2 guard position at the Adidas Jr Phenom National Camp. 

It was Chris'  first appearance at the the Jr. Phenom, but expect to see him at the Phenom 150! He has a Great Basketball IQ, very unselfish, solid 2 point & 3 point range shooter, nice pull-up off dribble and floater in the paint. 

Chris is very physical on both ends of the court and gets to the hole when he wants to. Chris alternated positions playing as the point & the 2 and he played solid in both.  

Chris made his invitational camp debut this summer at the Adidas Deep South All-American camp in Baton Rouge, LA July 5-6, 2010, where he was the youngest player in attendance (turned 13 in May, 2010).

He was invited to attend the camp along with the selected 15 & up players of his AAU program-Memphis Magic Elite. 

McNeal held his own at the camp with the High School players and definitely belonged. With Chris' attitude, work ethic, and ability to play team ball, he will remain in the top of his class.

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Chris McNeal and other top players at the Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp 2010.

Damon Harge 11 Year Old Hoop Phenom Cali

 Damon Harge

Damon Harge from California was ranked #1 and scored a record breaking 50 points at the Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp. Check out Harge's workout video, as he shows off his amazing bball skills. 

Also, Click here to see Damon Harge's action highlight reel of his performance at Adidas this summer. His dad, Damon Sr. is coach of D1 All-Stars and they've set their eyes on the NIT 2011.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Troy Harper KO Elite Basketball Camp Philly 2010

 Troy Harper

Troy Harper, the rising 9th grader from Philly caught wind for a fast break dunk. He has NBA swagger and a good feel for the game.

He's a crafty point guard, who displayed some flashy moves. Once he enters high school, his height and athleticism will be a plus for him. 

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Troy Harper and other top players at the KO Elite Camp in Philly 2010.

Star Watch Sports & Entertainment Group: Youth National Basketball Combine

Star Watch Sports & Entertainment Group is hosting a Youth National Basketball Combine Sept 11th & 12th at the Wayne PAL Center in Wayne, NJ. They’re testing and evaluating current 8th– 11th Grade Girls & Boys who are looking to become college basketball prospects.
The combines are run by top coaches and trainers, and are similar to the NBA Pre-Draft Combines for college players. 
All Players who attend will be ranked on the NY / NJ “Star Watch” List and have their profiles posted on the website. 
Plus, your information and combine results will be available for all Prep School & College Basketball Coaches, and to HS Basketball Recruiting Services.
Parents or Athletes may register via registration forms or online via (as of Aug. 18th). To register a group or team, or for additional information, call (845) 558- 9389 or email Ask for Carl Winfree, Founder.

Special Guests:Royal Ivey (NBA Player- Oklahoma City Thunder) & Paul Hoover (Pro Shot Shooting Systems) 
This will be the 1st of our 12 committed regional combines in USA.

Mike Jolaoso KO Elite Basketball Camp Philly 2010

Mike Jolaoso

Mike Jolaoso represented his hometown Philly, as a rising 8th grader. On defense, he slides his feet well and plays good ball-deny.

Jolaoso is a team oriented player, who's very competitive on this level. At the next KO Elite camp, we'll be taking a closer look at Jolaoso get busy.

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Mike Jolaoso and other top players at the KO Elite Camp 2010.

MVP Joshua Sharkey KO Elite Basketball Camp Philly 2010

 MVP Joshua Sharkey

Joshua Sharkey from Philly is a rising 6th grader with crazy skills. He sees the play before it happens! He was clearly the top player in the class of 2017 at the KO Elite Camp.

He captured the popular Gold Ball and tickets to a Major League baseball game. He's a true point guard, who knows how to play 100%. Shorty deserves the crown.
Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Joshua Sharkey and other top players at the KO Elite Camp 2010. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wayne White KO Elite Basketball Camp Philly 2010

Wayne White Huntington, NY

Wayne white is hot on the camp circuit for the class of 2016. Two weeks ago, White got his feet wet and ranked #19 overall at the Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp in California.

This past weekend, he tested the waters again and was selected for the All-Star game at the KO Elite Camp in Philly. 

If Wayne continues to work on his athletic ability, toughness and fundamentals he'll be a great player.

Stay tuned,  as we bring you more of Wayne White and other top players at the KO Elite Camp in Philly 2010.

Mickey Dixon KO Elite Basketball Camp Philly 2010

 Mikey Dixon Delaware

Mikey Dixon is a rising 8th grader and a serious ball player. He dribbles the rock low to the floor, preventing defenders from swiping it. 

He's a talented point guard who plays with intensity. He has good court vision and knows how to run a team. 

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Mikey Dixon and other top players at the KO Elite basketball Camp 2010.   

Lamar Kimble KO Elite Basketball Camp Philly 2010

Lamar Kimble Philly

This youngster is one of our best players in the graduating class of 2015. He has nice size and strength. He's able to play the 1 or 2 guard position. 

He plays superb defense and is very athletic. He can shoot the rock and score in multiple ways. He's definitely one of the top players in the nation.

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Lamar Kimble and other top players at the KO Elite Camp 2010.

Zion Young "Lebron" Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp 2010

Zion Young Chicago

Zion Young from Chicago played in the 6th grade division at the Adidas Phenom Camp in California. People told us that in Chi-Town, they call Zion "Young Lebron."

So, we watched his game to find out what exactly gave him such a reputation. Is it the shape of his body or his game dominance like Lebron James?

Young does have a nice frame and out muscled his man for space near the paint. He looks to  make strong moves to the basket or pull up for a jump shot in the lane.

However, he dominated physically and mentally. He showed that he's coachable and on top of his game. We can't wait to see Young "Lebron" again at the next Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp 2011.

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Zion Young and other top players at the Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp in San Diego, California 2010.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tywon Bressler KO Elite Basketball Camp Philly 2010

 Tywon Bressler Milwaukee

Tywon Bressler, a rising 8th grader from Wisconsin put in work as he played on a hurt foot. Injuries and re-ocurring aches & pains are common at exposure events, due to strenuous games. 

Still, Bressler competed his heart out. He played defense and offense very well. Bressler's a pass first point guard, who looks to get his teammates involved. 

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Tywon Bressler and other top players at the KO Elite Basketball Camp 2010. 

Jaylin 'God Son' Fleming Middle School Elite 4 Life!

Jaylin Fleming

Jaylin Fleming is a top 6th grade player, not only in Chicago, but in the country. Fleming plays an uptempo game and makes excellent decisions in transition. 

Check out this exclusive video of Jaylin showing Middle School Elite some love at the Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp in California.

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Jaylin Fleming on Middle School Elite. At the end of the day, we tell it like it is!

Daniel Venzant Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp 2010

 #57 Daniel Venzant Texas

Daniel Venzant attended the 2010 Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp in San Diego, CA. This was Daniel's 2nd year at the invite-only camp. 

He rank #8 at the Point Guard position, received Sportsmanship award, Hustle award and All Defenses Team award. He also, was selected for the All-Star game. There were over 120 Kids in the Class of 2016, lots of great talent!!!

Venzant plays basketball in Midland, Texas a place known for producing great football players, such as Cedric Benson of the Bengals and Roy Williams of the Cowboys to name a couple.

"We saw your web site and like what you are doing  for the kids out on the East Coast. Hope to get my son up that way soon so he can compete against the Best."- Eddie Venzant

Stay tuned, as we bring you more top players at the Adidas Phenom Camp in San Diego, California 2010.

Rip Engel KO Elite Basketball Camp Philly 2010

Rip Engel Philly

Rip Engel from Philly is a scrappy point guard who plays exceptional defense. He put up a bloody fight against some of the best offensive players in the nation. 

Engel also, has a great skill set. He's very aggressive on both ends of the floor.

We wish his pops, Mr. Engel a speedy recovery. He had a pretty bad bicycle accident. He suffered bruises on his face and lost several teeth. 

At the end, Rip proved to be built like his father, tough as nails. Look for him to be at the next KO Elite Camp. 

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Rip Engel and other top players at the KO Elite Basketball Camp in Philly 2010.  

Jamal Whittlesey Delaware Top Big Man 10U

 Jamal Whittlesey Delaware

Jamal "BIGGEST BABY" Whittlesey

10 years old

He was TOO MUCH for 10U in 2010

Held his own when playing up at 11u

(10u) Teams leader in scoring

(10u) Teams leader in rebounding

(11u) Teams leader in rebounding

A double double threat EVERY game

The NIT, he'll be there, will you?

Monday, August 23, 2010

KO Elite Basketball Camp Philly 2010

Isaiah King, Jerron Love, Lamar Kimble, Malik Ellison, Trevaughn Wilkerson

The KO Elite Basketball Camp was an amazing success. Players from various states, 6th through 11th grade, packed the Competitive Edge Sports complex in King of Prussia, PA. 

Tony Sutton, the camps director put on a show, and so did many talented athletes in the gym. Coach Sutton introduced each player like a ring announcer at a boxing match.
The KO Elite Basketball event had a nice camp atmosphere. The bright lights, parents, coaches, media and scouts. For the boy's, they may have played the toughest bball of their life.

Stay tuned, as we bring you Non-Stop coverage of 6th,7th & 8th grade players at the KO Elite Basketball camp in Philly 2010.   

Takeover Elite Playoff Games Recap!

Saturday, August 21, 2010: The first game was Fastbreak vs. Long Island Lightning. Fastbreak won the game, 35 to 27. The top scorers were Judah McIntyre (Fastbreak) with 9 points and Marcus Jimenez (LI Lightning) with 8 points. Fastbreak advanced to the semi-finals to play Riverside Hawks at 4:00pm Sunday.

Playtime Panthers were defeated by Natural Ballers, 49 to 47. The top scorers were Justin Kea (Playtime) with 18 points and Keyshawn McMahon (Natural Ballers) with 20 points. The Natural Ballers advanced to the semi-finals to play Gauchos at 5:00pm on Sunday.

Sunday, August 22, 2010: The first game was Fastbreak against Riverside Hawks and it was a great game. They traded baskets for the entire game. The game was tied 37 to 37 with 10 seconds left in the game.

Camren Wynter went baseline on the left-hand side and won the game with a tear drop basket. The top scorers were Jahbril Price (Riverside Hawks) with 12 points and Kevin Greene (Fastbreak) who knocked down (3) 3-point shots and lead his team with 10 points.

The final score was Riverside 39 and Fastbreak 37. In the second game of the semi-finals, Natural Ballers were defeated by Gauchos. The score was 47 to 38. The top scorers were Jalen Lecque (Gauchos) with 14 points and Keyshawn McMahon (Natural Ballers) with 9 points.

Next Saturday, August 28, 2009 at 4:30pm, the championship game will be between Riverside Hawks and Gauchos. This is an ongoing rivalry. This game will be followed by the All-star game which consists of the top 24 kids in the league going head to head.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Eric "Easy" Ayala Delaware Rising 6th Grader

 Eric Ayala Delaware Royalty

Teams Leader in Scoring

Teams Leader in Assists

Makes the game look EASY

Absolutely doesn’t take it EASY on his opponents

Coming to a Middle School Elite showcase near you….

The NIT. He’ll be there, will you?

Takeover Elite 4th Grade All-Stars Announced

Atiba Taylor Riverside

Zegary Scott, the Director of Takeover Elite in Jersey City might run the most organized 10 and under tournament in the country. The All-Star game is scheduled for August 28, 2010 at 6pm in Jersey City.

All participating players will receive award medals. The All-Star players were selected from the following top teams: Gauchos, Riverside, Milbank, Natural Ballers, PWC, Playtime, LI Lighting and Fastbreak.

West All-Stars - White Uniforms
Jahbril Noel
Camren Wynter 
Atiba Taylor
Lucus Wahafia
Tawan Gruir
Jayson Robinson
Zachary Legreay
Marcus Hammond
Jade Tse
Rajah Camren
Marguis Jimenez
Keven Greene

West All-Star Reserves
Cameron Otiti
Zedrek Farrell

East All-Star - Dark Uniforms
Markquis Nowell
Jalen Lacque
Tyresse Witaker
Jules Smith
Zegary Scott
Justin Kea
Jailen Jamison
Alanzo Frink
Key Mamahon
Jalen Brooks
Jaheim Tanksley
Leron Smith

East All-Star Reserves 
Khalid Moore
David Cat Jr.

Congratulation to the entire Takeover Elite All-Stars. Stay tuned, as we bring you full exclusive coverage of the Takeover Elite All-Star Game in Jersey City.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tony Goodwin 'Arizona On The Rise' Adidas Phenom Jr. Camp 2010

Tony Goodwin Arizona

Tony Goodwin, is a 2G in the class of 2016. He was ranked #16 overall and #2 in the 2nd guard division at the Adidas Phenom Camp. He made the All-Star Team & All-Defense Team. 

"Tony matched up with the top offensive 7th graders in the country all weekend," Mr. Goodwin said. Tony is on the rise, he's been to two Adidas national camps in California, 2009 & 2010. 

In 2011, young Goodwin should see his hard work and dedication finally pay-off. "I know the only way Bryce & Tony game will go to the next level is in New York," Mr Goodwin said, as he watched Tony on the warm up line. 

The Goodwin family, Tony Sr. his wife Kechia and their boys are more than welcome to NYC. Thanks guys for checking out Middle School Elite. We can't wait to see how much Tony advanced his game. 

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Tony Goodwin and other top players at the Adidas Phenom camp in California. 

Sedrick Barefield 'Remember His Name' Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp 2010

Sedrick Barefield California

Sedrick Barefield, is a skillful rising 8th grade point guard with lots of game. He rank #5 overall and #3 as a point guard at the Adidas Phenom Camp. He's going to James L. public school in Temecula, California.

For high school Sedrick plans to attend Cornerstone, a Christian private school, where his dad, Mr. Barfield is a physical education/ basketball coach and a psychology teacher. 

Coach Barfield says, Cornerstone is under the radar, but with the likeness of  his son and a few other student athletes, the school would better compete and receive more exposure. 

Barefield has nice size and strength. He knows how to run a team and play half-court offense, but prefers a fast pace game.  

He looks to attack the lanes and spin his way to the basket. He handles the rock well and is a great perimeter shooter. 

In the closing minutes of the All- Star game, Sedrick Barefield hit 2 consecutive 3's.

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Sedrick Barefield and other top players at the Adidas Jr. Phenom camp in San Diego, California. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KJ Farfan Florida Kindergarten Phenom!

 KJ Farfan 5 Years Old 

"Here is a picture of KJ Farfan at one of the camps. This year he won several awards at all the camps he attended.  He won 2 MVP's, 1 Camper of The Week, 2 Hustlers of the week, 1 Best Defensive Player, & 1 All- Around Camper.

He was always placed with the older kids in the camps, starting from 4th grade, some middle school, & even some JV High School kids.

When he was at AAU Nationals in Orlando,FL this year (just watching not playing) he got approached by a lot of Coaches even some Head Coaches from big Universities & they invited KJ to their camps next year.

 Many of them had said KJ was too young when we called. They mostly told me, KJ won't be able to attend since he is just 5 yr's old & he needs to be at least 8. 

So the Head Coaches & some Asst. Coaches that invited him, said they would take care of that. He would be an exception.

Just to name a few (Kansas State, FSU, Alabama, Kentucky, Louisville, FIU). KJ is looking forward to starting Kindergarten Monday 8/23/2010.

 He cant wait till next year. It will be a lot of fun KJ said to be at one of your camps. Until then he will be playing in local leagues & cont to work hard in school & on the courts.

Thanks again for the love & your time. KJ told me to tell Middle School Elite to keep up the good work. Keep it up"

Alex, KJ's mother 

Delaware Middle School Basketball Explosion MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYERS

Courtesy of Robert Turner
  MOP's Antwon Peace, Seiquann Kearney &
Robert Turner pictured in both

Stay tuned, we'll bring you more of Antwon Peace, Seiquann Kearney, Robert Turner and Delaware Royalty as they set eyes on the NIT 2011.

Loseni Kamara: Midde School Elite Is His Home

 Loseni Kamara

Loseni is making his own history by using basketball to change his life at the very young age of 11 years old.  

He's a native of Africa, who now resides in Queens, New York. His road to success has not been an easy one. Loseni along with his family have face many difficulties, while living in one of New York City homeless shelters.
However, he is using his basketball talent and ability to make changes for his family and himself. "I know I’m good in basketball, but I know in order to help my family, I have to work hard in school and let basketball open doors for me," Loseni said.

Standing at 5'10" he's a force to be reckon with on the basketball court and is currently rank #1, 5th grader in New York City

He made his national appearance at the 2010 5th grade D2 AAU National Tournament in CoCoa Beach Florida in July.

Loseni has led the Hollis All-Star/ 5th grade team to the 2010 D2 AAU National Classic Championship and four NYC championships.

He has received four MVP honors and is burning up the basketball camp scene so far this summer, playing in advanced age groups. He was elevated to the higher level due to his domination in his class.

Loseni, is a very special player because of his thirst for acquiring knowledge of the game and his willingness to work hard on his own to help improve his game. 

His self-motivation is rare for his age. The camps Loseni has been invited are: LuHi, Five Star Sixer camp and NYC Nike Camp.
Loseni’s coach and mentor Donald Francois, feels that Loseni has a bright future in basketball and in life.

Texas Celtics Select #2 AAU D1 Nationals - Let The War of Top Teams Begin!!!

 Texas Celtics Select

Hello, Middle School Elite. We are very pleased with your website and would like to add our story. We are the "Texas Celtics Select" based out of Dallas,TX.  

We finished the year 49-4 in route to the 2010 D1 AAU 11U National Championship game!  

Beating teams like Illinois Crush, DC Assault, Louisiana Jaguars, Vegas Rebels, Indians Elite, Atlanta Celtics and Tulsa Bulldogs to set up a match between the tourney's only two undefeated teams, Texas Celtics Select vs Indy Hoosiers.

The game went down to the wire but Indy pulled it out in the end.  The "Texas Celtics Select" finished ranked #2 in the country and all its players and coaches still felt great for the many accomplishments they achieved throughout the year!

Coaches:Chris Giles, Paul Washington & Patrick Milton.

Players: Rodney Belcher, PJ Washington, Jermey Hodge, Kennedy Milton, Chris Giles, JJ Chandler, Jared Pearre, TJ Sparks, Easton Upchurch.

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Texas Celtic Select as they set eyes on the NIT 2011!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jordan Simmons Young Chicago Talent @ Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp 2010

Jordan Simmons Chicago

Jordan Simmons, who turned 10 years old in May was ranked #19 at the Adidas Phenom camp. He's entering the 5th grade at St. Paul Lutheran Catholic School in Illinois, Chicago. 

Simmons played up in the 6th graders and put in serious work. He performed well on the big stage and was ranked #8 as a top point guard division.

Simmons controlled the tempo of the game. He rotated the rock, shifted the defense and created space for his teammates to take open shots.

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Jordan Simmons and other top players at the Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp 2010.  

Delaware Middle School Basketball Explosion!

This exclusive just in from Delaware: The 2nd Annual Delaware Middle School Basketball Explosion hosted by Delaware Royalty took place this past Friday, August the 13th. 

The top middle school players in Delaware were in attendance, and the "stars" shined bright. A few names you may recognize: Tavon White (Rebels), Mikey Dixon (Rebels), Marcus Floyd (Philly Aztecs), Antwon Peace (DFS).

The game was filled with "CHAMPIONSHIP" level intensity and array of skills were displayed for a delighted crowd. 

The first half was filled with back and forth action led by Seiquann Kearney (Rebels), Tavon White (Rebels), Marcus Floyd (Philly Aztecs), Antwon Peace (DFS), and Elliott Outten (Tobacco Free).

In the 2nd half, Team 1 pulled away due to a crafty substitution change by the head coach.

Game M.O.P's went to Team 1's Seiquann "I GOT IT" Kearney (Rebels) 21pts 11rbs and to Team 2's Antwon "REAL DEAL" Peace (DFS) who also had 21pts.

All EXPLOSION team: Seiquann Kearney 21pts, Tavon White 24pts, Marcus Floyd 23pts, Antwon Peace 21pts, John Pierce 12pts, Elliott Outten 8pts, Mikey Dixon 8pts, Jawan Watson 10pts, Trevon Duval 7pts, Khalir Johnson 6pts

Seiquann Kearney, Tavon White, and Marcus Floyd were all on the same team (Team 1).Final Score, Team 1 99 - 77 Team 2.