Saturday, July 31, 2010

KJ Farfan Young Miami Heat!

The Younger The Better

KJ Farfan is an amazing 5 year old, his videos speak for itself. Jimmy, who is KJ's dad says his son "sleeps with a basketball". KJ's parents believe that "he loves basketball too much". In September, KJ is going to Calusa Prep Kindergarten in Miami, Florida. He has already received a $8,000 full paid tuition for 1st grade next year. "The books cost $500 alone," said Jimmy.

Jimmy enjoys basketball just as much as KJ. His wife, Alexandria, seems even more passionate about the sport. On Halloween, Jimmy asked KJ did he want to go trick-or-treating. KJ opted to perfect his jump shot at the local YMCA. We gave KJ a future invitation to the Adidas Jr Phenom camp and he told us, "thank you". Now, the Farfan's can't wait to get on the road for more Middle School Elite exposure.