Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Middle School Elite Expands The Exposure!!!

A New Home Awaits You

In benefit of the middle school elite players, we've expanded our network. We created a big brother website called Yes, we'll continue to promote you throughout your high school career. We'll also feature the top freshmens, sophomores, juniors and seniors in the nation. We understand the importance of maximum exposure to increase your chances of competing on a collegiate level. Look for 8th grade elite player Isaiah Whitehead and other top student athletes to grace NHSE. 

Derrick D-Flight Brown Trains Lance Stevenson!

Welcome To The "Terror Dome"

The Terror Dome is a popular basketball playground located in Coney Island Brooklyn. Derrick D-Flight Brown has trained some of the top players from New York. He trained Telfair and Quincy Douby (Raptors) from a child. Derrick and Stephon Marbury are like brothers, they grew up and worked out together. He also coaches the Warriors, a tough group of 8th graders from the inner city.  Derrick is king of the Terror Dome. "In 1997, Derrick was a 2 guard senior at Providence college. He was a great 2-way player, and undeniably the heart and soul of the team."
"Lance Stevenson called me Wednesday night for a work out." said Derrick, he was nervous about the NBA draft the next day. " We were at the Terror Dome from 12 to2 in the morning. He is Born Ready" said Derrick. In the thickness of things, Lance resorted to the courts for peace of mind. Later that day, I'm sure Stevenson was relieved, when the Indiana Pacers picked him. Derrick Brown is a serious trainer on top of his game! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ajon Efferson & Alex Robinson Co MVP at Adidas 150 Camp

 Ajon at the Adidas Phenom 150 Camp 2010

Ajon Efferson got co- MVP at phenom 150 with Alex Robinson from Texas Select. We wrote about Efferson earlier and mentioned that he'd be at the Adidas Phenom 150 this June. Who knew Efferson would be one of the top rising freshmen at the camp. We heard Robinson is a top notch athlete who dunked on two players in the lane. People said, the lefty has skills and was too much for the competition. 

Efferson, a point guard from California was his usual self. He attacked the basket and made the right plays. The word is Efferson made defenders pay with a trey when they backed off him. We heard Efferson and Robinson were on the same All-Star team, they alternated playing time. Efferson saw the floor well and got the ball to open teammates. The combined talents of 
Efferson and Robinson helped them to win the game. Stay tuned as we update you with more reports on players at the Adidas Phenom 150 Camp.   

Bounce Magazine features Middle School Elite Players!

The Middle School Elite article by Bounce Magazine further solidifies us as the (new) premiere youth basketball website. Our efforts are to stimulate the middle school market for change, growth and opportunity. We'll report on you, if you're a top player and/or on top of your game. Stay tuned as Bounce Mag features more Middle School Elite players.

"One of more provocative websites on the middle school level is, supported by Adidas Basketball. The site features players from all around the country... (Click Here To Read More) 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adidas Jr Phenom Camp is fast Approaching!

Are you a Jr Phenom? 

The Adidas Jr Phenom national camp is August 5th - 8th and you don't want to miss it. It's all going down in San Diego the second largest city in California. Money Magazine rated it the best place to live in 2006 and Forbes ranks it the 5th richest city in America. It's important that we expose today's phenoms to different type life styles. The Adidas Camp is the place to do it!

Joe Keller, CEO of Adidas Phenom and Clark Francis (Hoop Scoop) will be there scouting. Keller and Francis have years of experience in the business and can spot talent easily. "I just want the boys to have fun and want to come back next year"said Keller. "Players compete on a national level for high school and college exposure." You'll hear Keller ask players "how's your grades?". He has a personal interest in their development on-and-off the court

Register now! Call 1-951-247-9669 and for more information click on to Adidas Jr Phenom Camp.

Middle School Elite will continue listing top names of rising 6th, 7th & 8th grade players attending the Adidas Jr Phenom Camp 2010. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Alonzo Trier AKA " Zo"

The Trier Phenomenon

Alonzo Trier is the top 7th grade player in the country, according to Hoop Scoop. If Trier improves his defense he'll be an almost complete player. Trier has nice size and he grew a few inches. The extra weight on his frame should help him absorb body contact. Trier was virtually unknown until the New York Times Sports Magazine unveiled his life. The Alonzo Trier story is the biggest breakthrough for youth basketball in recent history. In 2009, I sat down with Michael Soko, the writer and told him about the Trier Phenomenon. After our discussion, Soko immediately reached out to the Trier family for an interview.

In 2008, I met the Trier's at the Jr All American camp in Virginia. Alonzo had beat out a previous big name opponent from Baltimore in a scrimmage game. Trier was excited and I was happy for him. Each morning, my friend Steve drove Trier and three other players from the hotel to the camp. "Alonzo tell my friend back home how you caught wreck". Trier didn't hesitate to grab the phone and say exactly what happened.

Alonzo's mother Marcy, has a strong faith in God, he always watches over them. She helps Trier stay balanced with books and basketball.  I spoke with him not too long ago, his voice has got deeper. "If Zo isn't working out then he's studying school work", said Marcy. Trier's a good person and a talented player. Zo never met his dad, so he's the man of the house. I was actually looking out for Trier, when I mentioned his name to Michael Soko. I call it fatherly love because he's like a son. Triers's on top of his game and academics too. The question is whether Trier's attending the Adidas Jr Phenom Camp in California this August. Sources tell me he'll be at the star studded showcase.   

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chazz Clark Middle School Jr Elite

4th Grade NYC CHOZ 

As things quickly heat up, we bring you the upcoming 4th & 5th grade players from NY 2 LA. Remember, top player doesn't necessarily mean high in the rankings. It signifies a player on top of his game. Interestingly enough this level is extremely competitive. I applaud the parents, coaches and guardians for their sacrifices. In return the boys play their hearts out, knowing school is priority. Let's push them to the extent success is inevitable.

In 2006, early basketball exposure for kids was considered taboo. Today its "not a bad thing" to do, regardless of age. We've come a long way, keep up the good fight. The youngsters deserve recognition for aspiring to be relevant. Look out for the next Middle School Jr Elite write up.

Coach Wee from Gauchos snatched up Clark to be his point guard. I watched Clark at a tournament and he has "A Game." He dribbles with his head up and makes decent decisions in transition. On fast breaks he had some good looks, but made a few turnovers in the passing lane. In half court Clark fed his big man, as if he's used to playing with tall players. Clark impressed us the most with his defense, he seem to always end up with the ball after a trap.    

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zach Radz The 518 Area Code

The One & Only Zach Radz

We couldn't wait any longer to write about Zach Radz because he's a very controversial player. Scouts tend to look the other way when it comes to him. Maybe they aren't used to seeing a white boy this young having the eye of the tiger. He is a pure shooter from the 518 area code. Expect Radz to be physical, as he surrounds himself around athletic players. Coach Bourne of Juice All Stars told me Zach is "tough" which indicates he is an aggressive player. As the temperature rises, his every action is a desperate attempt for completion. Zach has a nice jimmy on the outer elbows. Once his shot is dropping, he wants the ball back. Don't let the blue eyes deceive you determination has no color. If he were any better than he is now, it would be pretty ugly. Our report on Zach Radz is exclusive for the fact we're first to cover him.

Did you know Derrick is a gym rat too? If Derrick isn't practicing with Radz, he's at  his youngest son baseball games and his daughter dance classes. There's never a conflict of schedule, he manages to fit it all in. Derrick has the responsibility of helping them become elite student athletes.

"I want my son at the most competitive camps and tournaments" said Derrick, when we spoke last week. It's no surprise that Zach will be at the National Adidas camp in California this August. Adidas is the only sneaker company camp for middle school players. "The camp fees, air fare and hotels get expensive in todays economy" but Radz still finds a way to go places. Radz has been to various camps like Hoop Group and Five Star. He uses these platforms for Radz to meet new friends and enjoy the ultimate basketball experience. Derrick believes their journey is essential for taking Radz to the next level. Radz progressive play can speak for itself. If he continues on the circuit, it's no doubt that he'll be a D1 prospect.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Marguise Walker Chi-Town Prodigy

            Illinois Chicago

Marquise Walker is from the Windy City and he's only ten years old. This kid has over forty videos on You-Tube. I would say Walker is one of the top rising 5th grade players in the country. In the midst of all the confusion things must come to an order. Actually, we feel it's never too early to rank serious talent! Chikosi is Marquise's father, he prefers to be called "Kosi". He admits to spicing Marquise game up with moves from various players including "Jerron Love the You Tube Sensation". Marquise has never been to a camp, but his dad is anxious for him to attend one. "We love the challenge because you never know whats on the other side" says Kosi as he touches on his life growing up. 

Kosi played hoops like the rest of his friends to escape the mean streets of Chicago. Kosi worked out hard and taught himself how to play basketball. He knew what it would take to be the best. Before Marquise was born Kosi was training to teach him. Marquise Walker is a Jr Elite player on top of his game.           

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Elijah Davis father, Charles, text me today to wish me a happy fathers day. Elijah is a freshman on the Varsity basketball team at St. Patrick High School in New Jersey. His father wanted us to share this message with everyone at

"Happy Fathers Day to all that have kids even if you are not on your job take this day as a sign to get in your child's life before its too late and for those single ladies doing the work of two this is your day as well and to the ones who passed on R.I.P you left your mark on the world and big shout out to the step dads that step up as men respect to you now I want to say thank you God for my kids I love them with all my heart I'm proud to be a father. Bless all of you enjoy your day".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Isaiah Briscoe Rumble in The Bronx MVP

Playaz Blow up Tournament

Isaiah Briscoe was MVP at Rumble in the Bronx and Playaz Blow Up Tournament 14U

Isaiah Briscoe is a top player from New Jersey, he brings home MVP's. His pops, George called to tell me how well his son is doing. I've seen Briscoe rock on several occasions and he has incredible swagger. He can pass, shoot and handle the pill. Look out for Briscoe in one of our top five player write ups.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jashaun Agosto Adidas Phenom Bound

               Agosto's first camp experience

I've known Julio for several years, we speak often as possible. Julio's the father to Jashaun Agosto (6th grade), one of the most exposed youth players in the world. Julio's from Lafeyette Brooklyn New York and lives with his family in Seattle, Washington. Julio's mom and dad played college ball. His sister also played fours years at Witchita State. At age 14, Julio moved to Alaska and played high school ball. After surgery on his left knee, he never returned to the game. Julio pursued music as a producer for artist such as Kurupt and 2-PAC. Nowadays, he keeps his eyes on the prize. His youngest of five boys, Jashaun.

Agosto's appeared on ABC World News, Good Morning America, Ellen DeGeneres and featured in the New York Times. "His dedication to the game and the hard work he puts in is unrivaled", declares Julio. He works out with Agosto 2 to 4 hours a day at the federal way community center. Check Jashauns highlight videos on You-Tube, he has millions of views. 

"Did you see Shannon Brown dunk on the Celtics in game six", Julio asked me. He just saw post-game highlights on television. "His head was over the rim", he said laughing out loud. Julio nor Agosto got to see the Lakers win because it was business as usual for them in the lab. Julio talks about how Agosto broke his right hand. He was pushed in mid-air and landed on it the wrong way. When Agosto's cast came off, his hand was still weak. So, he use his left hand to pull out a game qualifier for the AAU nationals. Last but not least, Julio informed me that Jashaun is attending the Adidas Jr Phenom Camp in California San Diego this August and expects to have a blast!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kejuan Johnson ATL's Finest

Can you believe Kejuan was dunking in 4th grade?

Kejuan Johnson (7th grade) is from Atlanta, Georgia and he's only 13 years old. I decided to begin with Johnson because I last spoke with his dad, Tommy last night. Tommy's birthday is June 14, a day after mine. Tommy's a very influential parent in youth basketball and he's the coach for J-Smoove All Stars AAU team in Georgia. Kejuan's a lot like his father, he exudes enormous confidence. Kejuan wants to be the biggest, the strongest and the baddest. He's constantly looking for the next challenge from his peers and even his father. They're both competitors. When I first saw Kejuan I said to myself this kid's a beast. Tommy describes Kejuans body as "gorgeous". "Kejuan has the height and size of Carmello Anthony", says Tommy. "But with JR Smith skills", he added. Last year, Kejaun was 6'3" and 205 lbs. Now, he's 6'6" and 225 lbs. Tommy's goal is for Kejuan's talent level to catch up with his physical attributes.

Despite Kejuan being one of the top players in the country, Tommy has a way of keeping him humble. Is Kejuan the best? Tommy replies with, "he isn't better than me, so how could he be the best." In other words, Kejuan you have a long way to go.

Johnson practices several days a week, for hours during his workout sessions. In their father like son relationship, Kejuan is full of determination similar to Tommy. Whenever Kejuan had downtime, between games at camp, he'd put up a couple of jumpers. If his shot failed to connect, he didn't seem affected by his misses. He continued to perfect his craft, knowing one day he'd be a tough and smart player as Tommy. While people observed Kejuan, I could read his mind. Johnson was thinking, as long as people "watch me" shoot around, they'd never have a chance to catch up. Hit or miss, Kejuan's on top of his game and definitely a natural born winner. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010 Family!

Streetball iPhone / iPod Video Game

We're excited to announce as our family. The owners are some of the top businessmen around. They keep you up to date with the latest basketball news for high school, college and NBA sports. The hottest videos, music and plenty more. There isn't another website on the internet more advance than CEO & President, Big G as we call him is also co-founder of the (Michael) Jordan Brand. G's educational and professional background is off the charts. The Founder, Ryan Mendez is a former Stanford college basketball star and someone who's digitally out of this world.

The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then came

"I just wanted to say that I live and love what I do. Streetball is assembling a Dream Team, from all walks of life, with diversified and targeted skill sets that improve the game on a daily basis. Not only does the Dream Team improve the game on a daily basis, but we define the game on a daily basis. Call it the Triangle Offense if you will, lead by G. Don't know G, you soon will. In the meantime, I would like to say a few words. I said it now and once before. Everyone else is just a sports page or magazine, but WE THE BOOK. That might sound cocky and arrogant to some, but as George Karl said during the NBA Playoffs, it's confidence. I'm confident that will be all the things you know it can be in addition to becoming the leading technology company in basketball and hip-hop. Sounds crazy I know, but you'll soon see. With that in mind, I would like to unofficially announce the official upcoming release of's Streetball game for the iPhone. Derek, the newest addition to the Dream Team, just sent me the updated version of the Streetball iphone game. It's not only great, but we at Streetball are dedicated to making it the best gaming app on the iPhone." -Ryan Mendez

Who's ALex Kline?

Brandon Knight & Alex Kline

Middle School ELite has teamed up with Alex Kline who co-founded He's no longer with them though. He has tons of vidoes, you can see them at Kline's a talented young sports writer and reporter as well. He's on top of his game and has a tight camp in his corner. 

In Kline's 'Coast to Coast Season Updates & Recruiting Rundown' of High School  players he interviewed: Kyrie Irvin (NJ), Nigel Williams- Goss (NV), Gorgui Dieng (WV), Dwayne Polle (CA), Miles Davis (NJ), Kaeem Jack (NY), Perry Ellis (KS) and Josh Selby (MD) just to name a few. (Read Article). Kline's a huge fan of youth basketball and the high school bridge to college exposure. His experience, credibiltiy and energy is amazing.

Kline had this to say, when asked how he feels to be in his extraordinary position...

"I am truly blessed and honored to be surrounded with great connections such as Adam Zagoria, Alex Schwartz, Matt Pauls, the Rivals family, and many other colleagues and coaches. I figured, hey, I'm young and want to do something with my life early. I loved the game of basketball but could never play to well. Over the past year, I have focused primarily on becoming a better writer and reporter. I believe I have an advantage most high school reporters out there don't have. This is the fact that I am the same age as the kids I am covering. I think they feel a sense of security and can relate to me. I believe it is my youth and passion for this that has taken me to the next level this early." -Alex Kline

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Middle School Elite!

Many people are now contacting us to find out, how can they get on It is to our understanding that all the right people are checking this site. If you're on the circuit best believe we'll see you, if we haven't already. Top player doesn't necessarily mean high on the rankings. Rather, players on top of their game. If you're a middle school elite student athlete opportunities will come your way. Keep pushing for whatever you believe in your heart and it'll manifest soon. We encourage you to take serious new-found interest in your child's development athletically, but more important academically. Congratulations, you are a middle school elite player of the year.

Here's the next five top players we'll be writing about in no particular order.

Shavar Newkirk  (Harlem, NY)
Jashaun Agosto  (Seattle, WA)
Kejuan Johnson  (Atlanta, GA)
Alonzo Trier  (Dallas, TX)
Zach Radz  (UpState New York)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nicholas Thomas represents Dallas Texas

Nicholas Thomas will be at the Adidas Phenom 150 Camp

Yes, Nicholas Thomas will be at the Adidas Phenom 150 camp this June. I saw Thomas do his thing last year at the Dallas Texas Phenom camp. He beat defenders to the rack and finished with either hand in traffic. He used his smarts and athleticism to separate himself from the rest. His impressive play earned him the top 8th grade spot at the regional camp. 

Nicholas father, Will coaches him on his 14U Panther Select team. And, Nicholas plays 16U with the Arlington Astros. He has the right people around him to provide proper guidance and accelerate his developing game. This August, Nicholas also plans to attend the KO Basketball camp in Philly. 

Mr. Thomas plans for Nicholas to sharpen his fundamentals at the drill stations and then compete against the best-of-the-best in the nation. This past May, I saw Thomas at the John Lucas Middle School camp in Houston, Texas and he got busy again. Thomas was in 2 guard mode the entire weekend and demonstrated why he's a top player. Look for Nicholas at the camps mentioned and many more upcoming events.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jordan Taylor from Killeen Texas

Introducing Jordan Taylor

I recently spoke with Jordan's dad and had the chance to see CJ in action. Taylor uses proper technique when shooting, but he could work on a much quicker release. Jordan has a focused game, he makes good decisions in transition and half-court. He's a pass first player who looks to square up to the basket for a jump shot.

2014 Jordan "CJ" Taylor, a 6'0" 160- Combo guard plays hard on both ends of the court.  He can pop the midrange jumper, and uses his handles to get to the rim with either hand.-Coleman

Taylor, an 8th grader is currently playing up a level with Texas D-1 Ambassadors 15U. I've always observed CJ to be an introspective basketball player who is open to coaching and learning to do things the RIGHT way, not necessarily the flashy way. He's all business on the court.-Coach Max

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ajon Efferson Cali Phenom

In the pic Ajon is guarded by Tide Osifeso
         Fullcourt Press Spring Showcase 2010
 West Coast Basketball

David Rogahn and Dave Keefer from recognize Ajon Efferson as a top (class of 2014) player in the region. Efferson who's 6 ft. resides in Altadena, California where the population was 42,610 at the 2000 census. It's about 14 miles from the downtown Los Angeles Civic Center. In 2009, I saw Efferson play at the Adidas Phenom Jr. National Camp in San Diego, California. Efferson was rank top point guard at the camp. Ajons father, Dante Clark is very supportive of his son and actively involved in grassroots youth basketball. We might see Efferson at the Adidas Phenom 150 this June 2010.

At the 2010 Fullcourt Press Spring Showcase, held May 16th at Lawndale high school Ajon was ranked 2nd behind Marsalis Johnson. Also, Efferson was selected to play in the freshmen division and came out top player as a 8th grader.

"Big guys Marsalis Johnson and Bryan Alberts battled each other almost evenly while there were also some super guard work displayed by Ajon Efferson, Tide Osifeso, and Elijan Woods, who asserted himself in the second half. Ajon Jefferson may be one of the top 8th graders in the SoCal region and he saved his best for the freshmen game, barely beating Darien Williams (Katella) to land on top of the ratings. Deon Evans (Lawndale), Devon Pflueger (JSerra), Nick Colletta (La Verne Lutheran), and Jay Miller (La Verne Lutheran) also had strong showings".