Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jordan Montgomery Upcoming Middle School Jr. Elite Player

Jordan Montgomery California

Jordan Montgomery, a 4'9 point guard form California is one of the best upcoming Middle School Elite players in the nation. He's 9 years old and entering the 4th grade at Oak Meadows Elementary.

Jordan started playing organized ball at 4 years old. At age 6, a video of him dribbling was loaded onto you-tube and to date has received over 500,000 views.

He plays for three SoCal travel teams: Blue Crush,Triple Threat  and FD1. He also, trained with former New Orleans Hornets NBA coach, Dave Miller.
Montgomery has a lot of strengths, he can go left or right and use his skill and speed to go around players. He has great court vision, high basketball IQ and he's a good shooter.

Jordan is being taught by his older brother Kyle Montgomery 6' 7", who was an excellent high school baller. He's currently a junior at San Diego State University

Kyle is planning to walk on this year and attend  medical school upon graduation. Jordan Montgomery is a 4.0 student with crazy game!